Sustainable Development

One of our goals is to assist members of the community through sustainable development. Instead of giving hand outs we are providing a means for people to be a part of their own growth and giving them an opportunity to earn their own income. We are doing this through our chicken program and with a community brick maker. 

We have purchased baby chicks for the community so they are able to raise them into chickens and earn money by selling the eggs.

The brick maker is availvale to the community. Members can use the brick maker as long as they provide some of the necessary supplies. They may sell the bricks they make or use them to build pit latrines for their family homes. 

Medical Aid

There are many areas of need that the people of Butere, Kenya face. One of these are caused by sand fleas, also known as "jiggers." ​​Jiggers burrow into the skin and lay eggs. The case swelling, itching and infection, which in more extreme cases can lead to amputation and even death. 

Mosquito Nets

One of the major challenges people in Kenya face is Malaria. Last year over 200 million people got Malaria and over 1 million people died from the disease. 

Tuition and Educational Supplies

​Although school is free in Kenya, students are often charged a desk fee, which many cannot afford. We are currently sponsoring five elementary school children so that they are able to attend school.

School Lunch Program

Many children who attend school do not have enough food to eat and therefore go hungry. For many, the meal provided by Kuamini might be the only food they have all day. 

Community Latrine

One of the biggest issues that we, Team Kuamini, have identified as a concern in Kenya is the shortage of latrines. A latrine, in simple form is a minimal, simple, pit toilet. It is our hope that we can provide latrines throughout the more desolate areas of Kenya.

Current Projects